Our Candles' story

Creation and Art are a solid part of our way of Living. Making Candles has run a long time in the family and throughout the years we developed a superior product.

All figures and drawings are cut by hand and the whole candle is handmade out of wax.

Every candle is unique.

The candles are made of the purest quality of wax which is produced in Germany. This paraffin has very long burning hours, is strong, will never damage your ceilings.

Our colours are from the Czech Republic. A specialised Greek company makes the perfumes specially for our type of candles.

So that the scent remains a subtle touch in your home.

These ingredients are rare, expensive and world class.

They are the result of many years of intensive research.

How to burn your candles

Make sure the wick is small when you start burning.

Always keep the wick short:

every four continuous hours of burning you blow out the candle, wait, and then cut the wick shorter. 

The flame should never be big!

When the flame has created a tunnel you can place a tealight inside

(best when it's burned up).

You can first put a bit of sand in the tunnel so that the tealight cannot cause any damage to the candle.

Our candles burn from the inside, so it's safe to place them anywhere. Still, you may place the candles on a dish.