Living Candles started out of a Family tradition

and is now a co op of an international group of Artists.

The candlemaking itself is still and only done by the family.

Sandra Boedt


Speaks fluent Dutch, English, French, German, Greek and Italian.

With her husband, Emmon, she is building an orphanage,

'Boma Gardens', in Sierra Leone in the hopes of moving there

and taking care of the local people and kids  

Sandra is the grand {mother} master of the enterprise. She is an all round Artist.

Her paintings, candles and wood works are exposed all over the world. 

She is an inspiration for all of us...


Cees van der Veer

Speaks fluent Dutch, English, Greek, French

He is the heart of the enterprise and makes most of the living candle Art.

After travelling all over the world helping disabled people, he

started candlemaking ten years ago.

After running several cultural projects, he is now focusing on

running Living Candles and making music with his reggae band.

Always ready for new challenges, he dove into the amazing world of glass burning/blowing and started a new branch of the business: Living Glass.

Sophie Gardner-Roberts

Speaks fluent French and English

Sophie is the newest adition to our Wax family and is an excellent Wax hand Artist.

As an apprentice candle-maker she is learning every step of the candlemaking process and will soon dazzle the world with stunning creations.

She trained as a journalist and specialised in travel writing and will be handling Living Candles' communications and social media.

Hamdija Hashimi

Speaks fluent German, Dutch and Croatian 

Joins us on many events and is an excellent animator and wax hand copy artist.

Wax Hands Crew

Bram van Eenoo

Speaks fluent Dutch and English

Bram is the handyman and takes care of our sets/decor.

He is also an excellent and all round wax hand artist

and has assisted the family business for many years.

Together with Cees, he is trying his hand at glass blowing and is setting up Living Glass.

Bram is an excellent woodcrafter and will be adding a new branch

to our Living 'tree' Family: Living Wood (more news coming soon)

Made in Belgium

 Don't try this @ home