At any Living Candle event, you can copy your hands, alone or with up to five people, in wax.

We dip your hand(s) in hot wax and repeat this intriguing proces at least eight times,

then we go in the cold water and the wax hand artist takes the copy of your hands.

The artist can then make different art pieces out of it.

Every piece takes its time for completion. From five minutes up to an hour and a half.

Wax hands don't make your hands dirty and it's impossible to burn yourself.

On the contrary, your skin will be nice and soft for the rest of the day.

Wax Hands

We can be booked as animation on any event. Your customers/visitors/colleagues will be making as many hand copies and candles as they want.

Fun and nice creations guaranteed! 

Please Contact for possibilities and prices.

 1 Hand

5 €

 2 Hands

8 €

 1 Hand   with base

12 €

 2 Hands with base

20 €

Next hands are with base

 1 Hand   with Lamp

20 €

 2 Hands with Lamp

30 €

 1 Hand   Candle

30 €

 2 Hands Candle

40 €

 Pricelist (can vary according to events)

Made in Belgium

 Don't try this @ home